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ANS Youth Empowerment Group, Scholarships, Network

ANS Youth Empowerment Group, is a teenage membership that provides a level of confidence to young girls. This program will help the youth participate in various educational activities and teach them how to work as a team. These young girls will participate with volunteer duties, encouraging them to focus on achieving their highest average in school, and provide them with direction to the road of excellence at a very young age. Membership requirements start at the age of 13 through 17 years old. This membership will provide conferences that will promote workshops, guest speakers from their age group, and encourage them to work as a team while empowering each other. If the teens are entrepreneur's, they can participate as a vendor to sell their products. The main focus of this membership is to educate and provide information to get the youth of today on successful path. We will develop scholarship programs for the seniors in high school.

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