ANS Association


ANS Association, Empowerment Networking Group

President/CEO ANS Association Chloe Natacha

Welcome to ANS Association a non-profit organization.  Let me introduce you to my dream come true!!

We are an organization that serves God.  Through him we assist others with some great opportunities.

ANS Association provides Health Care Fairs, Business Expos, Relationship Conferences, Women Empowerment Networking Events, Powerful Men Networking Events, Youth Empowerment Group for young girls to join our youth.

Our Vision:  To inform, educate, build awareness, collaborate, and develop a professional environment to our members.

Our Mission:  To empower men, women, and the youth.  Our focus is to explore around the world and develop a worldwide unified brotherhood and sisterhood.  Our main focus is to assist individuals with education, mentorship, and development.

Our level of professionalism will deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction, that will strive for excellence as we join other organizations to deliver the best events.

Our events and services will provide an environment with the utmost respect. As business owners we will support and educate each other by participating as guest speakers, volunteers, train and inform members. Our main focus is to provide the communities with information that will promote growth.

Women conferences will assist, educate, and inform.  We will be working on an adult education program to encourage and assist women to return back to school.  Our referral program will assist our members with building growth for their business.  We will encourage our members to support each other to achieve success.  

Health Care is critical to survival.  Our health care events will provide information pertaining to early screening, wellness, and provide information to elders without home care services.  We will also provide information to individuals who do not have access to health care benefits.

Relationship Conferences are available to provide information to all and educate others with a better form of communication.  These events will focus on topics people face daily.

Vendor opportunities are also included with membership to provide brand awareness to other members during the events.

With many services made available to you, we are positive you will be happy with your membership.

Thank you for joining our team!!

Chloe Natacha   
Pastor, BHA, MHA

Why us?

We maintain an atmosphere with the best customer service.  We provide business owners with the opportunity to become a vendor, sell their products, and sponsor events.


Brand awareness is the key to increase your revenue and to encourage members to use the services within our network. By sponsoring the event you will provide us with the opportunity to achieve success.

Our goal is to build a powerful network!!!

ANS Anastasia, Natacha, and Sade

What ANS Stands for?

This organization is a legacy created for my daughters and all children of God. Together as brothers & sisters we will help save the world!!
ANS Association 
The  A- Anastasia
        N- Natacha
        S- Sade